Thursday, May 18, 2006

It's not the same Foot Cream, Stupid...

I want to sue my own that acceptable?

So, a couple months ago we were at my Mom's house and she had some foot cream lying around. I had these cracks and dried up skin on my foot so I thought I needed some foot cream. I borrowed it and she said I could have it. It's really weird that I took it because I've never imagined myself using something like foot cream, but I really needed something to fix my foot. Over the next couple weeks it worked wonderfully!

A couple weeks ago she knew she was coming to see us and she asked if we needed anything. She always asks that question and I always say "no". But, this time the foot cream which I had used up popped into my mind. "No" I answered as usual, "wait...can you get anymore of that foot cream?" "Sure" she answered with confidence. So she showed up at the house the Saturday before we left for vacation. "They didn't have any of the regular foot cream, but they had this on sale and I got you two tubes." "Cool" I answered. It was called foot crack cream. Even better, right?

So, here I am on vacation with tons of time to apply foot cream to my widening crack that is breaking more and more as I walk on sand and wade in salt. So, what do you think I do? I apply foot crack cream. It doesn't help much so I apply more. I'm using the stuff 3 or 4 times a day and my foot is getting worse and worse. I woke up Monday and could hardly walk on my foot because it had the Grand Canyon staring back at me as I investigated my heel. I was more than a little curious so I read the bottle. Foot Crack RELIEF Cream. That means that it doesn't make foot problems better, it only relieves the pain of foot problems. The active ingredients are ones that serve to dry out the skin as opposed to soften it!!! ARGGGGH! I thought my mother loved me!?!?

So...I'm thinking tonight that I try to apply stuff to my life that is supposed to fix it. I read great books that teach me how to live, manage time, plan for the future, manage a ministry, etc... All of those are well and good and serve a purpose in my life, but they don't feed my soul! As a matter of fact, they make me hungrier for nothing. The crack widens. So the moral of the foot cream is that problems must be treated with the proper medication. For our soul that medication is the creator of our soul...the LOVER of our soul.

Lord, help my foot to stop hurting.

Just a thought...

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