Monday, May 15, 2006

Sleeping Late and Gaining Weight...

Sleeping Late and Gaining Weight…

That’s the way to have a vacation. I’m having a blast. We haven’t hardly done anything except sleep a lot, eat a lot and play a lot. Man, I’m telling you it’s just what I needed!

To be honest, I haven’t done hardly anything I wanted to do during vacation. I’ve read a little here and there, but haven’t finished one book. It was kinda nice not having internet last week although I missed it. It forced me to not do the things I’m used to doing.

One thing I have done a lot of is cooking. My repertoire so far these weeks has been Cornish Hens baked in Cilantro, Parsley stuffed mushrooms, lots of shrimp (boiled and fried), Crab stuffed Manicotti in Alfredo Sauce and Crab stuffed Flounder. Lots of seafood!!! I love it!!!!

I’ve also done a whole lot of fishing and I’ve caught nothing but catfish. And played with my kids…more than I have in many months! They are the best in the world!!! I’m not kidding.

So what measure of insight do I have to share with you, my friends?

Beaches are beautiful, yes it is so
Sleeping is necessary (as far as I know)
Eating is joy much grander than not
But my wife and kids are the best that I’ve got.

When I’m away my soul is restored,
Restored and restored to the point it gets bored.
Life is not real, it’s a fairy tale place
No work, no phone calls, no email, no MySpace.

I will return to my world not too soon
And back to my work for our God, His Triune.
Ready to visit with all of my pals.
Alfa and Bike Trip and great guys and gals.

Oh yeah, One more thing. West Wing is over! For those of you who do not know, I am a West Wing fanatic!! Politics aside, it is an amazing display of leadership, teamwork and group dynamics. I was extremely disappointed! One of my pet peaves is finishing well. If you ever…ever…ever leave a job or anything else that your part of please…PLEASE finish well. It’s a mark of true leadership. Do you care for the organization or project or whatever you’re leaving for more than you care for yourself?? If so, you will finish well. Well, West Wing didn’t finish well and I was upset! They didn’t even feature many of their most important characters in the finale. It should have been a two hour episode with a strong story line, but it was just a wrap up session and not a very strong one at that. Seven seasons of strong writing and acting and art ended with an anti-climactic, weak hours worth of nothing. People always remember whatever you do by how it begins and how it ends. Remember that. FINISH WELL! (OK, so maybe I did have a tiny bit of wisdom today)

4 more days!

Just a Thought…

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