Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tough Year... Goodbye 2008

Wow! At the very beginning of this year I was thanking God that 2007 was over and looking forward to a great 2008. Well, it’s been just about as tough as 2007! What a disappointment! Although I’m not totally discouraged by our movement this year, I am exhausted and spent. I pray that the spending will produce fruit. I do think we saw some great things this year in other’s lives. Brennen, Johny, Dave and Bethany, Ron and Mallory, Greg and Deborah, Kim, me and Julie... all of us had great experiences. God has been with us, it’s just been terribly difficult. Julie and I have had our toughest year relationally as well. I pray that 2009 will hold healing and wholeness for our marriage and ourselves. It has been fun to watch the kids this year, They have grown tremendously! They are becoming little people of their own!

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