Friday, February 13, 2009

Music Review: Sara Groves - "Add to the Beauty"

There are four or five CDs in my car that stay loaded in my 8-disc changer. The other 3 slots stay open for new arrivals. Most of the time Sara Groves occupies two of those previous slots. My heart has been grateful since the day my wife introduced me to Groves' music a few years ago.

I have many vices, one of which lends itself to missing a lot of good art. It manifests itself as boredom with music. In reality, it is an arrogant pride that longs for others to think I am too spiritually cultured for cheap art. It's ugly... I know. There, I feel liberated already.

With that said, I will say what stirs my soul is an artful weaving of lyrical poetry and well-crafted music. Listening is mostly a cerebral experience for me. I envy those who can get lost in rhythm and harmony. Being a trained musician is surely a blessing and a curse, mostly a curse when there is little natural affinity toward harmony and rhythm.

Previous albums will introduce you to her skill and thoughtfulness, but "Add to the Beauty" will likely re-awaken your heart. The songs she compiled arise out of her passion to create and share the love of God by adding value to those you encounter daily. Every human has beauty to contribute to our shared experience here on this big blue ball of rock. "Add to the Beauty" will motivate you to discover and live into your contribution. These simple acts of love may influence one person or may leave a lasting legacy for a multitude, but their value is not measured by breadth, but by the depth of difference you make.

I have listened to this album countless times, and I still shed tears as I'm driving down the road. So if you see me balling like a baby next time you pass, don't worry, I am OK. If I could only hang onto 10 CDs, this one would most definitely make the cut.

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