Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Longest Lunch Break of my Life...


It's been a while since this ole' homeplace has had some action!

And here me sits, another sleepless night in the midst of yet another transition in a life full of transtions... That made little sense because my half-functional brain is half-asleep. Whew... that leaves me with about a quarter of a thinker! You're in for a doozy...

Saturday our first full business venture opens for business. It's the first time in 7 years I've done something besides church work! To be honest, it's quite a relief!

You've probably had the experience before where you get a little tired of being you. That's me! Especially when being you (or me) means that everyone treats you differently because you do church work all the time... I mean, for a living. Well, for once it's been great not being me!

You know, everyone treats me like a normal person now and it's amazing! I can actually talk like a normal person and think like a normal person. And... people listen with normal person ears! It's so good.

You ever wondered how normal the disciples were? Just curious.

So, if you're in Auburn, I'd love to see you come out to the store on Saturday (2212 Frederick Rd in Opelika) and enjoy a cup of coffee with some normal people. It'll be fun.

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