Monday, September 3, 2007

True to Form...

"...only the labor of God's appointment is truly commendable."
- Watchman Nee

I know, I know, I've already blogged on this quote, well there's more where that came from. So, as for my unplanned, appointed week away, it has turned out to be service just the same, although I'm not complaining. In case I was unclear earlier, the reason we were assigned to travel to Michigan was to visit Julie's grandfather for what would probably be the last time before he makes his trek toward eternity. On our way to Michigan we received a call from Julie's family that her grandfather had been placed in the hospital. Julie was able to visit with him the morning after we arrived. Then as we were out sightseeing Sunday afternoon (after, by the way, a refreshing morning with Rob Bell and the Mars Hill Community) we received another call and found out that he had a massive heart attack and was unresponsive. As I write this it is about 33 hours later and he is still in a comatose state. The nature of our visit changed quickly.

I am sitting in the hospital waiting room right now after 5 hours of the same earlier today. In between I did get my nap under the "big tree" and then I set out to do 2.5 hours of yard work that has not been done due to "grandpas" sickness. I sat with the doctor this afternoon as he laid out the scenario and options for the family. I will be here by myself for the remainder of the night and then we'll be off in the morning for a stop by the MCUSA national offices, a visit with Bert Jones of Go Intl. in Wilmore, KY where we will spend the night and then back just in time Wednesday afternoon for our directional meeting with CONVERGE.

Although it wasn't quite the nice friendly visit I was expecting, I was thankful to have read this excerpt from "The Spiritual Man" on the way up on Friday. It puts scenarios in perspective when you view them as assignments and not interruptions. Julie is super thankful that God gave us the opportunity to be here to support the family. I am thankful that God chooses to use us as His hands and feet even when we have other plans. Oh, and on top of it all, I still got to visit Rob, take my nap, spend tons of quality time with my kidos, and get in some great reading.

And, if you want to laugh at me a little, take note that as I'm sitting here writing this blog, there is a man circling the hallway, passing by about every 2 minutes. I promise you every time he passes he looks straight at me and passes gas in multiple forms. That would make feel a little uncomfortable, except for the fact that I can hear him doing the same with other people all the way around the building. What a life I lead!

What is your assignment today?

Oh wait... here he comes again... yep, true to form.

Just a thought...

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