Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Following Dad's Death

We arrived back in Auburn last Friday night with a a Uhaul truck of my dad’s stuff.  That was funny because we were coming back to a house FULL of our own stuff that a ton of special people moved from our old house to our new house while we were gone.  So it was stuff on top of stuff for a few days.  We are still A LONG WAY from being settled, but we are on the road to normality!  Furniture is placed and things we have to have to live are found, but weeks down the road we may be making it to the bottom of the last boxes... Maybe.  We have gotten rid of several car and truckloads of stuff we don’t need and even a trailer full.  That is a huge release.  We had WAY to much stuff.  I felt bad for those who moved us because we were not here to direct things to the trash pile.  They did such a tremendous job and we are overwhelmed by their generosity!

A very special person named Bethany kept CONVERGE moving while we were gone.  I am slowly getting back into the swing of things there.  It’s really been as good a time as possible for this since we are a little slow for the holidays anyway.  Pray for direction as we move into the new year.  We have a directional meeting tonight to discuss the rest of the year and January and beyond.  2008 will be an awesome year for our community!  I’m glad to get moving, school and this surprise tragedy behind us before then!

Julie and I are both terribly exhausted.  God has given us supernatural physical strength.  We are both doing as well as could be expected.  There are a lot of loose ends with my dad’s business, the accident, and school.  Pray that I’ll be able to tie those up before January arrives.

I’m not kidding, you guys and God has sustained us over the past few weeks!  Keep praying for strength and emotional stability.

May God uncover His face toward you all!!


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